This guide offers job seekers with visual impairments some valuable information and other resources to help them jumpstart their careers, starting form writing an attractive and effective curriculum vitae (CV) that can help them to get an interview. In this unit you will get to know more about some writing rules and the structure of the CV with appropriate examples. You will also learn when to use different kinds of CV according to your purpose and how to develop it.

This section is dedicated to cover letters, that are a useful instrument to introduce yourself and provide additional information. Firstly, you will find some general advices that we recommend you to take into account when writing a cover letter, and then considerations about the layout, the structure and the way to present the content. Finally, you will have an insight of different types of cover letters that may be used in different occurrences and two examples of them.

All you need to know about how to dress, how to speak, the body language and so on, for a successful interview.

You will find also a page dedicated to "when/if to disclose that you are a VIP".

Here you will find a summary of national legislations supporting VIPs in Europe. Please refer to the courses in your own language to get information about the national legislation in your country (if available).

This course is dedicated to those online tools/resources that can help you in finding a job.

Here you'll find information on how to surf the Internet to find job offers, how to use your social media accounts to find job offers and to contact to recruiters, and finally you will find a brief tutorial on the use of our in-house developed web-app, which may help you in scanning job listings and submitting your applications.

This course is intended for you to take a self-assessment about every course in the platform. This way you will know the amount of knowledge that you have acquired about the courses content.

There is no need for you to study all the contents in the platform to try the self-assesment, cause maybe you know previously some of them. Anyway is highly recommended a quick review even when you already know the topics.

Once you have passed the assessment, you will be able to download your Certificate of Participation.

Good luck!